I know, we have been talking about GBP/USD couple a lot this week, but there were good reasons behind it, wouldn’t you say? Yesterday, if we hadn’t payed attention to GBP, we would have missed its growth. And if we are not going to pay attention to it today, then we have all the chances in the world to lose, as today we have finally come to the point of no-return.


gbpusd 31.01.2020


That is right, after years of waiting and wandering around, we have finally come to this day – the day of Brexit. And even though today both sides are only entering 11-month long transition period during which they are going to discuss and establish economic and political rules for the future, but it is a pivotal point. There is no return after this and surely, we have to be on alert for any of the changes that we might see in the chart of the couple.


So, even though right now the chart for the couple is looking very appealing, remember that it all might change in a second, so be sure to be very careful today and use our trading signals for every trade that you are placing.