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Latest news from the markets

20.04 - markets don't perform satisfactory

Markets are not performing steady in the last day of the trading week as technology stocks in Asia and Europe are facing a sell off. Meanwhile Cuba elects new president and Armenia is drowning in riots.


19.04 - new prices for oil are startling investors

Asian and European markets are showing good numbers as well as metals market but the biggest winner of the day is now oil. “Black gold” has breached new heights in almost three years and the numbers are bringing a lot of joy to the investors. In the meantime SpaceX is trying to take on a lot of projects hoping to attract more investors.


18.04 - fresh information for traders

This trading Wednesday brought stability and growth to stock markets, little shakes to equity markets and mixed performance to metals markets. New discoveries by scientists brings hope to humanity.


17.04 - greenback fell to the lowest point in 2 months

With markets awaiting new numbers from Asian region greenback started to slip, hitting lows while traders are unable to do anything about it. New Brexit referendum may soon come and mess with pound, that performs well right now. On the other side of the world Koreas are ready to stop the war.


16.04 - China and Japan open dialogue again.

At the beginning of the trading week Chinese and Japanese officials met to discuss the prospects of further economic collaboration. Russia may soon face another package of sanctions from one more country. Markets are uncertain after American strike on Syria.


13.04 - end of the week takes pressure away from markets

With tensions in Asian seemingly going away and American government focusing on things like re-joining Trans Pacific Partnership dollar is performing good with other currencies having mixed performance. Oil didn’t extend previous growth with first retreat in a week.


12.04 - oil prices hit 4 year high

All the attention of the world society is now tied to the situation in the Middle East, where the conflicts in Syria and Saudi Arabia are escalating and this is causing oil price to skyrocket to 4-year high.


11.04 - information for trading day

New day brought weakness to Russian national currency and left those, investing in Facebook wondering what the stock is going to do now after Zuckerberg’s pledge before the Senate.


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