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Symbol Price (USD) Market Cap (USD) Vol (24h) (USD) Price Change 1h Price Change 24h Price Change 7d
BitcoinBTC10460.0175.95 B 10.48 B -1.12 %-10.67 %-15.35 %
EthereumETH949.62292.26 B 3.84 B -1.69 %-11.23 %-16.3 %
RippleXRP1.2570748.7 B 2.85 B -1.12 %-8.84 %-12.38 %
Bitcoin CashBCH1550.3526.24 B 0.69 B -1.58 %-11.87 %-24.31 %
CardanoADA0.5440514.11 B 0.46 B -0.99 %-11.5 %-18.21 %

Latest news from the markets

23/01 - Stocks hit all-time highs, Crypto's plunge

This Tuesday, global stocks continue to reach all-time highs as U.S. shutdown ends. In the crypto world, currencies continue to plunge and continue their terrible form in 2018. In the forex world, the JPY is on recovery mode after having some recent losses. Elsewhere, Oil prices look to extend gains. Here are all the top things to know for today.


22.01 - U.S. shutdown continues, Dollar extend losses

This Monday is a busy day for the global economy. In the U.S., the government shutdown is entering its third day. Stocks are unfazed by the shutdown, but the Dollar is still stuck at multi year lows. The Euro is getting stronger as German politicians are close to reach an agreement. Here are the top things to know for today.


19.01 - All you need to know this Friday

Check out all the big news you should know for today’s trading in global financial markets. Crypto's continue to recover, the USD remains near three year lows, U.S. stocks set to open higher. This will help you understand what to look for and where to invest. For more information talk to our chat agents. 


18.01 - Crypto's bounce back, Stocks rally continues

Today in financial global markets: Crypto’s are bouncing back after some heavy losses in the last few days. Global stocks are rising at the moment as sentiment returns to be positive. The USD is still underperforming with more declines. Elsewhere, China’s economy released better GDP figures than analysts expected. Here are all the top things to know for today.


Crypto currencies sharp losses continue

Bitcoin extended its sharp tumble of the past 24 hours, losing more than seven percent on Wednesday.


16.01 - The Crypto world is shaking after massive losses

Tuesday is looking like another busy day for global markets. In the Crypto world, most big currencies crashed after a major sell-off. The USD is trading near three-year lows but have steadied a bit. Oil prices took a turn for the worst slipping from recent highs. In the U.K., new inflation data released. Here are the top things to know for today’s trading.


15.01 - A new trading week kicks off

Stocks are opening the week with signs of slowing down. The USD keeps losing weight while commodities are getting stronger. Cryptocurrencies are also showing mixed trading, 2018 has not started well for cryptocurrencies as they are mostly on the losing side. Here are the top things to know for today’s trading day in global financial markets.


12.01 - All you need to know this Friday

Markets are busy this Friday as a lot of new developments are taking place. The earnings season for the fourth quarter is kicking off today. Elsewhere, the Euro jumped to 3-years high levels enjoying the USD’s recent declines. Oil prices are on the way for a 3% weekly gain. Here are the top things to know for today’s trading in global financial markets.


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