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EthereumETH936.9191.52 B 2.62 B 0.01 %-3.07 %15.01 %
RippleXRP1.1497844.85 B 1.32 B 0.0 %0.14 %17.88 %
Bitcoin CashBCH1506.4525.57 B 0.79 B -1.01 %-2.9 %22.98 %
LitecoinLTC219.47112.13 B 0.89 B 0.19 %-4.92 %49.13 %

Latest news from the markets

16.02 Asian markets are off as the Lunar New Year is here

Asian indexes are off the picture from today and until February 21 in the celebration of Lunar New year. With this, European markets and currencies are going up the ladder, pushing the greenback further down. More in the article.


15.02 overview: amazing tempo of Asian growth, as well as other assets. More inside the article.

Asian markets show great recovery and seems that the reason behind the dexelopment might be same one behind the oil price going higher. 


14.02: what will the new day bring to the markets?

Bad news for traders as the dollar is showing bad results this morning but gold and yean are benefiting from it. There is sad news from Denmark and new page for Ripple.


why Eur/Usd reacts on valentines day?

Happy Valantines day today, the whole world salabrate love today. Amagine If we knew that Eur/usd will react the same today as " Flower/usd " - every one will know the answer:


13.02 new information emerging on Brexit and Winter Olympics as the markets live again.

Last night Trump visited the Senate to propose the new 2019 budget and his offer was quite shocking to the public. Olympics officials reveal the major problem with the opening ceremony and Brexit opens a new chapter in UK-Ireland communication. 


12.02 markets and oil are recovering after last week, London airport is closed for business

Uneventful Monday - the day seems to calm as the markets are trying to come to their senses after the shakes. Business is fine, except for some hits the cryptos are having. Equity markets are waking up and waiting for Donals Trump to announce his proposal for 2019 budget - after that there expected to be a reaction.


9.02: US government shuts down, markets fall.

The end of the week is not as easy as the traders would hope: markets are unstable, dollar gains weight but other currencies are trying to push back and the US government went into shutdown. 


8.02 - things you need to know today

Yuan is going lower, oil crudes are losing price and Russian gas has lost one of the buyers – things you need to know this trading day.


september 2017