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Latest news from the markets

23.02 - the end of the trading week is slow and good for Asian shares; European banking system seems to be corrupted

As the trading week is coming to an end, Asia finally displays some recovery. Shares are climbing back but they are still not strong enough to give the greenback a srtrong push back. Investors in the USA are still fighting for their payoffs as the prices for oil are steady. 


22.02 - Stocks are feeling greenback getting stronger and are dipping; news from South Korea.

22.02 - today the markets are quite unstable as the dollar is showing good growth for the fifth day in a row and stocks are reacting to it. 


21.02 - trading day review.

21.02 seems to be quite stable for the traders as no signifanct changes are ongoing right now on the markets. But there is still a lot of useful information inside the article.


20.02 - Asia is back in business but with no luck; dollar gets more weight; predictions from Morgan Stanley.

As the lunar New Year passes and traders are back at their desks but there was no present for them from the stocks. The greenback, on the other hand was a bigger surprise for the American traders after the President's day. There is also news on crypto regulations from the USA and hope for Koreas.  Also Morgan Stanley officials say that the recent market crash is only but a small taste of what is to come.


19.02 - new week in trading, new stock indexes.

With the beginning if new trading week it is still hard to say whether markets are fully awoke. Asia has goor results only with Japan not celebrating and dollar with this dollar tries to get better and stonger. There is also news from USA's "Russian" investigation and some new rules for blockchain technologies using companies. 


16.02 Asian markets are off as the Lunar New Year is here

Asian indexes are off the picture from today and until February 21 in the celebration of Lunar New year. With this, European markets and currencies are going up the ladder, pushing the greenback further down. More in the article.


15.02 overview: amazing tempo of Asian growth, as well as other assets. More inside the article.

Asian markets show great recovery and seems that the reason behind the dexelopment might be same one behind the oil price going higher. 


14.02: what will the new day bring to the markets?

Bad news for traders as the dollar is showing bad results this morning but gold and yean are benefiting from it. There is sad news from Denmark and new page for Ripple.


september 2017