Working money-saving rule. 

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With holidays upon us it is fair to say that through this magical time we are spending way more than we are used to. And way more than we would if the holidays haven’t come in the first place. What does this mean? That means that for the next month we are going to have to cut back on our spendings and save a little bit.

But after spending this much it might be hard to do. So, it seems that we really need a plan and some sort of spending pattern for the closest period of time. And here where a magical thing called 30-day-spendings rule kicks in.

It is a very interesting 5-step technique that is going to allow us to save up for a little bit.

So? How does this work?


Step №1 – do not spend at once.

This step doesn’t concern food and the items you need to have a normal life, but rather when you have the urge to splurge. When you see something pretty or just plain cool you need to have a good look at the item. After that put it back on the shelf and run as fast as you can from the store.


Step №2 – put some distance.

You are trying to save up, right? Run away from that potential purchase before your hands are reaching down for your wallet! Come home, take a post-it and write down the name of the item and its short description.


Step №3 – put it where you can see it.

Where do you spend the most time? In front of the fridge? Computer? Your bedroom? Regardless of that it is important to put that post-it in where you can often see it, so that you remember about that urge of yours.


Step №4 – wait.

Waiting is the hardest. You need to wait and look at the note with item as often as you can. That way you are going to really start thinking whether you really need the purchase or the urge is going to go away, as the realization is going to come bit by bit.


Step №5 – buy if needed.

In case in 30 days of this improvised therapy you still think that you really need the purchase, consider it. With the test of time it is almost 100 percent guarantee that you are going to end up really buying inly the things you absolutely need for your comfortable life.


That is it – that is a 30-day-spending rule – really rationalizing your spendings and learning to only purchase what you need.


Try at and tell me – does it really work?