Today, with only one day left until Brexit, we can start preparing ourselves for the process. And surely, we have to be very careful around GBP/USD today and tomorrow. Luckily, trading week is coming to an end and we do now have to deal with the shakes cause by all of this for a long time.


Today we are getting BOE Monetary Policy Report, MPC Official Bank Rate Votes, Monetary Policy Summary and Official Bank Rate. These reports and votes and statements are going to give us a broader outlook into the economic situation of the United Kingdom. Today we are going to see whether British economy is strong enough to withstand Brexit, that is going to happen tomorrow. And of course, interest rates – we are going to learn whether interest rates in the Kingdom can stay the same or whether they need to go higher. If that is the case, then we can expect a strong sell off for sure.


gbpusd 30.01.2020


GBP/USD is the main couple for us to focus our attention on for today and tomorrow. And the more we are going to neglect this fact, the more it is likely that we are not going to be able to earn and win.


If you are going to follow my advice on this, use your trading signals as well. They are going to help you get through this time.