16 Secrets McDonald’s Workers Will Never Tell You


1. Avoiding work is often the No. 1 priority, even if it means hiding.


2. Getting called in on the weekends = cranky, hungover staff members.


3. Getting hit on at the drive-thru window is an everyday experience, and we laugh at you as you drive up to the next window.


4. Getting teased by your “friends” is also a common experience.


5. Sometimes we actually love the Happy Meal toys… but we would n

ever, ever admit it.


6. We have all tried, and failed, to make a burger that looks like they do in the ad.


7. Breaks are a great time to sit down and ask yourself why you work at McDonald’s.


8. If its 10 minutes before closing and an entire drunk house party turns up, this is literally all of us behind the counter:


9. We have all experienced performance anxiety over creating the perfect soft serve.


10. When the register doesn’t add up at the end of the night, this is what it feels like as you get told off.


11. Yeah, we know we smell like grease. We’re too tired to really do anything about it at the end of the night, though, so we’ll probably just turn up to your house party like this:


12. Literally though that grease doesn’t come off; it has the ability to survive multiple showers with soap.


13. We’d only charge people for sauce if they were rude.


14. Working at a 24-hour store is literal hell.


15. There is a weird divide between McDonald’s workers and McCafé workers.


16. If you bring your kids in to eat multiple times a week, we’re probably judging you out the back.



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