Scotland’s Vote for Independence Will Greatly Affect Pound

As the vote for Scotland’s independence gets closer to a finish, smart traders take advantage of the situation. By Friday morning the results of the vote will be known in what may be remembered as an historical moment.

Although no one knows for sure how the vote will end, this is a great time for traders to try and make some money on the pound.

If you think the vote will end in a “yes” and Scotland will be independent, you should expect the pound to drop. If you think the result will be “no” and Scotland will remain under the U.K, you should expect the pound to rise.

It’s also important to mention that the oil prices may be affected by the vote since Scotland has their own private oil resources.

Making the right decision can produce a big profit, so you should see a lot of trading going on in the next 24 hours.

Tell us what you think will happen in the comment below!


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