With the variety of markets all around the world it may be hard to pick out a specific one to trade with as the whole lifestyle is to revolve around a specific timetable right after the market is picked. With different time zone and operation hours it is difficult to pick a time to trade. So, what is the best time to trade Forex?

trading time framesThose who are just getting into trading may think that it is unimportant what time of day one gets into the trade and the main point for success is picking the right trading assets. But that is not the whole truth. Various studies were conducted by broker services and it turns out that some periods in the day are marked by significant losses and some by big wins for the traders. In fact the study revealed that some of the traders very not very successful with the trading just because they entered their daily sessions in the wrong time of day.

The highest profitability was displayed by the traders who entered the trades in the period os time between 7 PM and 11 AM GMT time. The data were pulled together from observation thousands of traders. This is the best time to trade one of the most popular currency pair EUR/USD at least with the best time being between 2 PM and 6 AM GMT. The same can be said about USD/CHF and GBP/USD.

Although there is currently no study that could set the exact time frames for trading Asian currency couples as most of the studies are focusing European and American time frames and Asian markets do not fit into the frames set for most of the traders.

Experts also suggest to enter the traders in the off-hours with range trading strategy.

The article should not be considered an actual advice for trading hours. Every trade is individual.

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