Although we have a ton of example of the richest people abandoning college and going for their dreams only to see themselves on top of the world, education is important. And I find it really cool that right now people of every age are able to get any education they want.

But of course there are courses which are going to bring you more success in the future than others. So, what educations are considered the most perspective and most-likely-to-succeed?


1. Computer science.

2. Finances.

3. Languages.

4. Space studies.


computer1. Computer science.

Well, of course. Computers are ruling our lives. They are everywhere. There is no corner in our lives where computers haven’t crawled into. We are dependent on them to do everything – calculation, estimation, remembering, entertaining… everything. They can be seen in hospitals, malls, shops, restaurants and I am not even going to talk about laboratories and scientific institutions.

So, those who know enough about computers so that to work with them and make money with that knowledge are going to be just fine. You do not have to be a professional programmer, but no one is even going to consider hiring a candidate without Microsoft Office knowledge. Of course there is no degree for that, but there are special classes that you can take.

So, computer science is a must at the moment. That is a fact.


economy2. Finances.

Of course people who can do taxes and can generally understand how the finances work are always going to be needed. We are interested in hearing their opinions on the investment possibilities as well as their outlook on the future economic situation.

Of course for us traders it is even more obvious. Those who gained economic of financial education are going to be more successful as they already know and understand all of the aspects of trading and they can fully focus on trading itself rather than on trying to gain more information about it.

In a tanged and difficult situation like we are witnessing today it is not easy to remain calm and not to panic. But guess who is not going to panic? Right! Those who fully understand the financial situation we are in!



languages3. Languages.

Of course those guys from computer science class are trying to ruin interpreters and translators by making machined that can do just the same work, but in the end no machine is going to be able to replace the joys of human interaction. Professional interpreters and those who studied languages to be professionals in the field can one day rule the world as they have no problem understanding other people. They are not going to have any problems with understanding and making a connection with people from around the world.

Those who prefer to study exotic languages and cultures are going to be even more in demand. Of course it is harder but knowing African or some non-widely-used Slavonic language is going to make it so much easier to earn much more than just knowing English and say Spanish.

And of course there is no denying that Chinese is really in demand right now.


space4. Space studies.

What is the real importance of Elon Musk? Well, the fact that he popularized the topic of space in an already developed society would be a start. He created a huge demand for space studies classes and he showed us – there is big money in there and we can all have a bite if we have enough proper knowledge to be in the field.

And now, with predictions that the first trillionaire in the world is definitely going to be a businessman whose business connected with space I sense that demand for space studies courses is only going to skyrocket.

And even though it is one of the most difficult things one can do there is nothing impossible, that is for sure!