Growing up, I am pretty sure all of us were told to read a lot of books. And we hoped that we are going to grow up and will never have to read a book ever again. But the thing with books is that the older you get, the more likely you are to like the process of reading. Especially when these books can bring you to a better, richer level of life.


And so, we are here today in order to look through the best books that can teach us money management:


1. The Meaningful Money Handbook

Author: Pete Matthew


Everything that you even need to know about money and personal finances in the size of a book. Isn’t that cool? Pete Matthew, being a personal finance advisor himself sure does know what he is talking about.

There are three ground rules that make this book easy to implement in your every-day life: spend less than you earn, build up your savings account and be prepared to anything. If you are holding this book in your hands I am pretty sure that you are half way to making yourself very stable… finances-wise.

Easy to read and easy to buy – this book is almost perfect.


2. The Year of Less

Author: Cait Flanders

year of less

In order to really know and understand what to write about and how to write it, Flanders went on a mission – 12 months with very strict and very responsible relationship with money. The Year of Less is going to open your eyes to your spending and to what you really need.

No shopping for a year – can you hold on to the idea? Well, if you can, that means that you are ready to become a reader of this book. Eye-opening experience and a lot of interesting thoughts – that is what you get as a reward.


3. The DIY Investor

Author: Andy Bell

diy investor

This book might require some of the additional knowledge and something akin to the foundation in order to really work with you. After all, investing into a stock market is not a mundane thing. You need to be prepared for a lot of hardship. If you are ready to be in the dark for a long period of time, one can say that you are ready to become a reader of this masterpiece.

How to invest, what to invest in and what is going to wait for you along the way? These and all of the other questions are going to be answered by Bell. After all, he is the founder and a head of the largest investment platforms on all of the UK. One can say that he knows exactly what he is talking about.

Of course this is not a full-blown investment consulting session, but it is a pretty good start.


4. Secrets to Saving: The Ultimate Couponing Guide

Author: Jordon Cox

secraets of saving

Small and relatively hard-to-notice book is going to take you on a money-saving journey. You are going to learn everything about the author’s strategy and all the possible ways that you can following his footsteps.

Being a compulsive saver from the age of 15, Cox is not shy to tell about the results and success that he is experiencing thanks to his strategies. If you find yourself in a pickle and you see your finances melting away right in front of you, that means that this book was written just for you.