money 5


Money, even though very important is not extremely constant. And it is sad to acknowledge that sometimes it can just go away. Yes-yes. We all know that with poor management money can be very fleeting and can leave us very swiftly. But, it is very reassuring that we can take measures and stop doing things that can leave us broke quickly.

So, what are the money habits that can leave us broke in no time?


1. You are failing to check your credit report.

2. You drink at dinner.

3. You lease a car instead of taking public transport.

4. You are going out for a lunch several time a week.

5. You renew your gym and never go there.

6. You neglect your health insurance.


1. You are failing to check your credit report.

When you are leaving your credit report to be as it is without ever checking it, you are dooming yourself to a bad credit score and to losing a lot of money of late fees and so on. Plus, without checking it right on time you can’t possibly know how much you are spending and how much is left on your card.

Following through on your credit report is one of the main keys to your financial future.


2. You drink at dinner.

It is especially true if you are used to drinking while going out. It is true – sometimes we just need to relax, but wine, beer and cocktails cost a LOT. Plus, with time you get a taste for it and you start wanting good wine. Bottle after bottle you are draining your bank account like no one else’s business.

If you do want some wine, it is better to have some at home – restaurants are known for criminally overcharging per bottle.


3. You lease a car instead of taking public transport.

Yes, yes. I know what you are going to say. Having your own car is way batter than having to deal with public transportation. And surely it is more convenient – to have your own vehicle at your disposal all the time. But, have you seen the cost for the lease? Plus, all the fees, insurance and all the other things are going to make sure that you credit card is all maxed out really fast.

Public transportation is not really convenient, but it is going to save you a ton of money in the long run.


4. You are going out for a lunch several times a week.

Of course, it is better to go out, without having to wash your dishes. You can also have a nice cup of coffee with a slice of your favorite cheesecake. Have a nice chat with your coworkers as you enjoy your lunch.

But make yourself a favor – in the end of the month just sit and count how much money you have spent for lunches like this. Won’t it be cheaper to bring your lunch from home?


5. You renew your gym membership and never go there.

We all have done this – we buy a membership to the gym, go there for a couple of months and forget all about it. But, here is the catch – when the time comes we start telling ourselves that we will go there once again. And we buy the membership. And the circle goes on and on.

Does that seem like a waste of money to you?


6. You neglect your health insurance.

Looking after your health is very important not only because your life depends on it, although it is the main factor here. It is also very expensive to fix it after you fall ill. And that is where your health insurance is supposed to kick in. But, when you neglect to make your payment it lapses and you are no longer able to enjoy its benefits and have to pay full price for all of the medical services.

That ought to drain your account quickly.