If you ever talked to a professional trader in any segment of the market, you must have heard a lot of interesting things and theories about trading. Picked up a few things, right? But when people talk to beginners and amateurs like us, all we can tell them is that trading is horribly difficult. But what IS difficult about trading? What are we constantly bumping in?


1. Getting to a professional level is very hard.

2. Losing takes a toll.

3. There is no control over the situation.


1. Getting to a professional level is very hard.

william ackman

Becoming a professional trader requires a lot of money, broad portfolio and a lot of other things. It is so difficult that for most of us this goal seems unattainable. We are usually getting into trading just because someone told us about all of the perks of it or we fell fortunate victim to all of the advertisement. And of course, knowing how much pros really make trading can’t help but attract us.

But guess what? It is really hard to become a pro-billionaire in this particular segment of business world. It is not impossible, just very difficult, mind you.

In order to become a real master of trading you need to know and remember a lot, as well as know how to read the charts the same way you read a book. And it takes a lot of time to reach that level of mastery.

And never believe anyone who tells you that their way to the top was smooth. That is simply impossible.


2. Losing takes a toll.


Losing money takes a toll on everyone. When your hard earned money simply vanishes because you didn’t see a possibility to earn or worse – made a wrong choice and you have no one to blame but yourself – that is just the worst feeling in the world. Especially if the amount lost is big.

There are case of people losing thousand and even tens of thousands of dollars just because they made a wrong choice and put down a wrong trade. And believe me, there is no worse feeling than that in the markets.

Some traders are hit so hard by losing that they virtually never recover and never come back to trading after the loss. And even though it is a natural reaction to a circumstance like that we can only imagine a pain behind a decision like that.

The problem with markets is that you can make profit if you have a very specific win rate. Lower than 60 percent is not going to work and bring you profit. Only 60 percent and higher is going to work for you.


3. There is no control over the situation.

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There is no way that anyone can predict the future movement of the market. Of course there is such thing as technical analysis of the charts, patterns and other technical tools that we can use in order to predict the future movement so the markets, but it takes a lot more. It takes a machine.

How do trading signals work? They use all of the technical indicators as well as analyze the markets and all of the news connected with the particular asset in order to predict the future movements and possible actions.

But those are computer algorithms. Those machines were created in order to count all of these things. For a human it is impossible to take in that much information and analyze it successfully.

That is why volatility of the market is our number one enemy in trading world. Not even our own distractions and insecurities. Volatility. Just because there is no way to predict it and count the future movements.