focusTrading is that process where you wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for making some extra money. We all have come to trading BECAUSE we wanted to make some extra money. And for a lot of us that goal didn’t really pay off.

It is a well-known fact that only 10 percent of those who come to the markets stay in trading. And with good reason – some of us begin to lose some serious money, some of us find that we do not have time for trading and some of us just find trading boring. And that is the worst thing of all – being trapped in something so boring that it is easier to quit than to power through and earn some extra money.

And boredom is really one of the main factors of why people go away from trading. The process itself doesn’t really come close and doesn’t justify what we have been expecting of it. And therein lies the problem – trading is boring.


But here is the truth. Trading is SUPPOSED to be boring. We need to be bored in order to understand and feel what the real trading is.


Think about it like this – when you first started at your current job – were you excited? Everything was new and unexpected. But now that you know everything there is to know about it – admit it – you are bored most of the time. And that is just the norm. That is just what is supposed to happen if you are good at your job.

And why should it be any different with trading? For trading you need to study, get a basic understanding of everything, know the system and perfect your systemknowledge. Basically you need to do everything you would in a normal job. Plus, it all comes down to what type of trader you are going to be. Without getting into details you can be a short or a long trader. And long trades – that is where you do not feel a trade at all. Basically you put it down and you can forget about it for days at a time – it is designed to be like that.

Short trades although have way more action to them are also going to get mundane over time. And you are not going to feel that adrenaline rush with every win that you felt before.


So what now? Should trading be boring after all?


pips and stop lossYes. Yes. Absolutely YES!


Trading should get boring overtime. In general, it was never supposed to seem exciting – for that we have Hollywood to blame – all those movies showing traders and brokers screaming, jumping and worrying like in some kind of sport – those are blatant lies. Most traders prefer to be alone and in a quiet place in order to execute trades and think about the future actions.

And I would say that there is no need to worry about it. There is no need to think about it. Trading favors those who go with the flow. If you are going to think about being bored all the time you are not going to get anywhere, and that is exactly what is going to lead you to dropping out. And you don’t want that, do you?


Just enjoy what you do. Be comfortable. Be a little bit bored – that is just fine.