To all of the valued users and traders of! We are proud to present you the BRAND NEW LIVE TRADING SIGNALS SERVICE 3.0.2.


We are very excited about the changes as we have been working on the new service for the past 2 years, starting back in 2017. The new service uses 6 running algorithms and implements both fundamental events and technical indicators to generate a trading signals that is the most accurate.



3.0.2 full


In order to activate your signal, simply press the button for the assets that you see on the left of the interface. Our new system can generate both – long- and short term trading signals.



3.0.2 button

3.0.2 short term


Once you pick which signal you need you simply press on the needed button and see you signal in a matter of second.

Together with the signals you can also see the chart for the assets.


3.0.2 graph 1


On the right side of the screen you can see real time result that our users get with our signals.


3.0.2 results


And here is the daily statistics of our signals – our new system is totally see-through.


3.0.2 daily


And, as usual you can see the entire result picture. We have nothing to hide! 


3.0.2 liveresu


The team of are very excited about the new trading signals and we promise – we are going to be developing even more!


We’ll do everything to be the best!  


Toolstrades team.