It is no secret that right now we are trading through a very difficult time. And the more we go, the more difficult the situation becomes. What exactly are we dealing with?

Well, we have European Union dealing with Brexit crisis as well as trying to navigate its way through bad financial reports coming out of the most powerful economy of the union – Germany.

We have US-China crisis. Trade tariffs have not done us any favors. On the contrary – they have been disrupting trading for us for over a year and it seems that situation is only getting worse and worse.

Prices for precious metals are jumping up and down as traders are struggling to understand whether markets are going to recover on USD or is American currency going to plummet lower. Of course USD-gold tango is getting a little bit annoying over so many years.

Oil output numbers are always changing and that gives birth to the concerns about the state of the segment of the market. Traders either buying oil like crazy or selling it with the speed of light. How are we supposed to make up our minds in condition like that?

And of course sooner or later in such situation we are going to get lost and ask ourselves – is it worth staying in trading altogether? Is the rush of trading and the possibility of additional income worth all the risk and all the nerve wrecking process?

Well, I can’t say for everyone, but for me it seems that trading is not something that is supposed to be calm. Of course it can get boring and from time to time we think about the worth of it all, but in the end it all comes down to one thing – your personal interest in what you do.

But when financial crisis comes it goes beyond your interest. It goes all the way up to your well-being and the well-being of your family. And the more news we get, the more often do we hear – there is a possibility of financial crisis looming over us. Some of the experts even go as far as to name the year when we might come face to face with another financial crush – 2021. And that barely gives us optimism in the current situation as a lot of us remember the financial crisis of 2008 with shiver going down our spine.

Would it be worth the risk – trading through a financial crisis in case one comes?

Well. There have been people who managed to short assets on the down trend and make millions off of it. But in order to be able to do that we need to take a lot of information in and to remember to never stop learning.

If you want to take advantage of the difficult financial and trading situation you need to know a lot of things and you need to know when to get out of trading.

That is why my advice is as follows: never stop learning and developing your trading skills. It might just save your money during a financial crisis and even help you multiply it.

But for now when talks of financial crisis are quiet we can enjoy our trading as usual! Which is pretty good.