Looking for balance between work and free time? Trying to conserve some time to be left for you to go out or spend time with your significant other? Do you have no time for the kids? Well, that means that your work-life balance is all thrown off. That must be corrected.

Here are several points that can help you balance out your work with your leisure time.


1. Leave work in the office.

2. Stop waiting for the weekend so hard.

3. Have an active social life.

4. Have enough sleep.

5. Care about your work.

6. Do everything on time.

7. Do not think about it.


office1. Leave work in the office.

You need to leave your work in the office. Of course for all of us there are times when we have to do a little overtime from time to time. But that is an exception rather than a rule. You need to come home with a clear head all ready to rest. Do not talk about work over dinner, try and listen to your partner.

Try not to think about what tomorrow is going to bring. You are at your safe space – your home and it is a place for relaxing.


weekend2. Stop waiting for the weekend so hard.

“OOOH! WHERE IS THAT FRIDAY EVENING??” we ask ourselves in the middle of Monday. Relax. Weekend is going to come in any case and your waiting and staring at the calendar all the time is not going to bring it any closer. You are only going to become more and more exhausted from constantly thinking about it. This way you are missing out on all of the free time that you have on the weekdays.

Putting your life on pause just because it is not weekend in only going to disrupt you.



social3. Have an active social life.

We often ask ourselves – who is going out of a weeknight? Well, a lot of people do, actually. People go out to unwind after a hard working day, they have a burger or some pasta outside the house and that kinda marks the end of the working day. Some of them even meet up with friends somewhere Tuesday evening. Just for relaxing.




sleep4. Have enough sleep.

A lot of our weariness comes from not having enough sleep. You tell yourself that you have been at work all day and you deserve to stay up late in order to play more of your favorite video game but in the morning you curse all the life in the world. It is a vicious cycle. You need to have a time schedule with good-night’s sleep included in it.

Never underestimate how your sleeping better can improve the situation for you and your body.




work from home5. Care about your work.

If you think about your work as a modern type of slavery of course you are going to despise going to the office and working as a whole. You need to look at your job the other way. And of course if you hate what you do so much, please, consider changing your field pf expertise. Hating the thing that you do is not going to bring you any good.




timing36. Do everything on time.

You are probably not swamped. You just postponed everything to the last minute and now you have a major crisis. That simply won’t do. You need to meet every deadline with time to spare. That way you are not going to be all stressed about the amount of work that you have to do even though you are the only reason for the pile up that you have going on.



do not think7. Do not think about it.

The more time you are going to think about making time for your leisure, the less time you have for leisure itself. You are only going to make things worse by thinking about it. Try to relax and just leave your work and stress in the office. Trust me, it is going to happen.