Best assets to help you make money. 


In the horrific amount of assets that we can trade there are always the best points that we can pay more attention to in order to profit.

In the conditions of the modern markets, what are the best assets to trade in order to make money?


1. In currencies.

2. In commodities.

3. In digital coins.


1. In currencies.

In currencies it is better to pay extra attention to the main currency couples. They are EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, USD/CHF and USD/CAD. These are best for us because they have a long history and it is easy to follow their performance as whatever could happened to them already has happened and there is nothing that can take them down for another hundreds of years.

Although it might be high time for us to turn our attention towards something more exotic and unusual as our extra attention to aforementioned coupled has led to their total dominance in the market, hence making us hostage to their power. We can pay attention to couples mentioned here, as they are the most stable in the world.

But that is true – it is going to be impossible for us to stay away from the greenback ever. The currency is too deep in everything making it the surest way to make some money. Learning its patters and what drives it is going to help you catch those needed pips.


2. In commodities.

Gold and oil are tightly connected to the equities, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t help us profit and make enormous earning. Trading oil and gold can feel as if you are walking on a mine field, I admit. But in the end we can really profit from trading these two.

And it is not good on general to turn away from the base metals as well. These are the metals widely used in commercial and industrial branches. These are metals like aluminum, zinc, copper and others.

If you are still not convinced all I have to say that only a year ago these metals saw 20 percent increase in pricing due to a growing demand in China and seeing how trade talks are on the go, we are probably due to see growth continue and extend. Plus, in 2017, just two years ago base metals were the best performing commodities sector overall and that is saying something.

So, all I want to say here is that there is no point in dwelling on gold and precious metals alone as they can be pretty turbulent as it is. Base metals on the other hand are not nearly as unstable and as we can see are far more reliable


3. In digital coins.

Just a years ago digital coins were on the rise. We saw a lot of them rising by more than 100 percent in just weeks and now they have seemingly vanished from the face of trading. But that is not exactly true. There are still people who are making millions by trading digital currencies, it is just the fact that most of them have gone underground as we have seen the winners in the segment of the market fell drastically.

We are now forced to look away from the segment, even though there are really good opportunities for winning here. But as trader I know, that this topic is far too controversial for us to discuss as the market is on the slow down.

So, here are the new and old possibilities to earn in trading. Are you feeling like giving some of them a try? Tell me in the comments!