Do you know what is going on in the world? Well, I mean besides not all of the countries being up and running after the holidays. Yes-yes. There are still those who are celebrating, but this week should mark the end for all the celebrations out there. There are scary things happening in the world right now.


Last Friday USA air stroke Iraqi territory killing one of their officials. Surely, Iraq couldn’t leave the situation hanging in the air and the answer was given shortly – all of the American troops are to leave Iraq territory. Surely Trump wasn’t going to stand for it as he stated – if Iraq strikes Americans, there are 52 specific map points that USA are going to target in Iraq.


So, this threats exchange is very bad. Yesterday Iraq withdrew from all the nuclear deals and Fallout games players rejoiced – at least they know what to do now [Fallout is the series of games the plot of which develops in the world after the nuclear war]. But, we as traders have to know what to do as well. After all, this is not the first global conflict that we have to trade through. And what do we turn to when things heat up? Of course! We go to safe havens. And thank God! Those have something to give us.


For example, one of the most popular safe havens – gold. It is soaring up right now. The precious metal is rising a pretty good wave of traders trying to invest into something stable and finding gold, as always.


gold 6.01.2020


We have a lot of reasons to fear, but gold can always calm us down and assist us at uneasy times like these.


If gold is what you trade, trading signals are not going to hurt.