We live at a very interesting time. If just 20 years ago traders had to wait for the news to spread and influence the market, today it is easy to look at someone’s tweets in order to make your trading decision. That is why almost all of the powerful people try and stay away from the powerful tweets that can harm world’s economy. Almost all with the obvious exception of Donald Trump. American President uses his Twitter account as a weapon. A really effective weapon, might I add. Over the weekend Trump stated through Twitter that the Chinese are ripping off USA and if China are going to retaliate with tariffs from their side, Americans are only going to increase their numbers. And what is weird – even though last time these statements were put to work American economy was also hit and damaged this time it doesn’t scare traders. On the contrary – they are attracted to the greenback as one of the safe havens.


USD 13.05.2019


As the new trading week begins it is hard to say that dollar is on the strong uptrend, but there is strength that can easily suffocate other assets such as gold, oil CAD and EUR. And those looking at the general state of the markets can say – that is exactly what happens right now.


With time it is possible that we are going to see the outflow of traders from the greenback, but right now seems that nothing can stop the beloved USD. Watch out for turbulence on other assets today and use your trading signals as much as possible!