And so, as yesterday we were anticipating Apple’s presentation, today we can already deal with the consequence of it. We can see the results of the presentation and its effects on the stock of the company. And I should say, those who were watching the presentation yesterday, or at least followed it in the written form, most likely were surprised. I know I was very surprised to see the new pricing for the iPhone. I had only one question on my mind – did Apple come to their senses? But we will talk about that later today. Right now we only have to do a quick review of what happened there.


aapl 11.09.2019


And what happened was that the newest iPhone was presented. It was a bit different than all of the previous iPhone models and the main difference was that the price for the new one of a bit more affordable which for the future means that the sale volumes for it might not be such a disaster as they were for iPhone X, for example. That of course interested traders and the stocks became the goal for thousands of people. Which of course made the price for it fly higher and higher. That is what can be seen reflected in the stocks right now. The buying opportunity is here! Or is it?


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