It's Time! Apple Watch and MacBook event: Get Ready to Trade!


Apple's March 9th event will provide a close look at the Apple Watch. After its announcement at Apple's September event, the Apple Watch served as the fire from which a thousand hot takes were lit. Now, the company is expected to announce the finer details pertaining to how the device actually works, along with prices for the various models. The Apple Watch is about to get real.

Plenty of questions remained after the Apple Watch announcement. Apple's team will likely spend substantial time explaining how the device works and why smartphone owners should spend money on another screen. Expect an emphasis on app demonstrations, both by Apple and third-party developers, meant to show the hardware's potential. If you're into tech conference bingo, fill your play cards with phrases like "health and wellness," "indie games," "New York Times," "live sports scores," "discrete notifications," and "hands-free updates."

Keep your eyes peeled for a Retina MacBook Air announcement, too. According to The Wall Street Journal, the unannounced laptop will be available soon. The new Air is believed to be a 12-inch model, putting it right in the middle of the current 11- and 13-inch options. The Retina MacBook Air may be powered by Intel's new Broadwell processors and might ditch the few remaining ports on the current generation of MacBook Airs.

As for surprises, we might see a 4K-enabled Apple TV and a partnership with HBO's new standalone service. Or maybe, just maybe, Apple will bring back the Newton brand.


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