Speech of the President of European Central Bank Draghi – that is what is going to become the most important step in EUR/USD trading today. After all, Draghi is one of the most influential people on the planet. He is the one who makes final decisions on interest rates of European currency which makes him the most influential person on short-term rates on the planet. No wonder we are so fixed on what he has to say about the future of the short-term interest rates of euro. After all, the worse the situation in Eurozone really is, the lower interest rates are going to be, so it is better to be on the lookout.


eurusd 18.06.2019


Although it seems that even despite bad economic data from Germany traders’ faith in EUR/USD is too strong to shake, after all the chart is now aiming towards the highest position in weeks which is a welcome change from the overall turbulent performance of the currency couple. The uptrend seems shaky though as we have no idea what Draghi is going to say today.


It seems that when it comes to EUR/USD we are going to have to wait for the speech itself in order to see what is going to happen with EUR/USD. You can also use your free trading signals to find out more about the situation.