USD 250
Established: 2016
Spread: variable

The statistics that Kaya FX show right on their home page talks for itself: almost 136 thousand of active accounts, 1.25 million deals every day and 84 countries covered by the services if this crypto broker.

What is really good with Kaya FX is that they make sure that all the newcomers are covered with the much needed starting experience – for those who are only thinking about getting into Forex trading full demo platform, virtual money and even a personal broker is of assistance together with 24/5 support team and a variety of educational materials which can really ease those first important steps in Forex trading.

After opening an account, the trader gets access to all the trading tools and other features that are available in several clicks.

MT4 platform doesn’t need to be installed on one’s computer – web version is easily accessible. Although it is recommended to install mobile version in order to work without being tied to a computer.

Execution of the transactions is fast, and support is available 24/5.

Platforms ID: 35
Platforms type: Mt4
Mobile App: Yes
Type of Trading: Forex
E-wallet: No
Demo Accounts: Yes
Main Education: Education Center
Customer Service: 10/10
Exterior colors: Black/pink
Warranty options
Demo: mini
Starter: bronze
Average: silver
Professional: gold
Feature: photo MasterCard photo Visa
Address: Roosikrantsi 2-K284, Tallinn, Harju maakond, 10119
Country Estonia
Region Tallin
City Tallin
Latitude: 59.43232839999999
Longitude: 24.743375300000025
2018-04-02 09:14:47
2018-04-02 09:14:43
Kaya fx scam Phillip Schmidt 1
They do not pay any money back. I started with 250€. At once I got a call from Philipp Schmidt, the head of German counter to add several thousands more. I added 1.750€. With these 2.000€ I wanted to test the company. But Philipp called me each day several times. He talked and talked without an end. He talked about events that are bringing much money, e g. Fang. But I could not join with only 2.000€. At last he had 18.000€. I wanted to have the profit: 5.000 after the first week, 3.000 after some more days, ...Philipp sent me confirmations about the withdraw requests, but I never got a penny. I was alerted and told Philipp not to place any more trades, but he ignored my order. When I stopped to transfer more money Philipp burned my account. Every single trade was negative. I saw it on the PC and sent him a message to stop trading, but he continued and even continued the next day until there were Minus 2.700€. on my account. Since that time I did not get any call or message from him. He never answered my mails.
2018-03-28 13:16:15
2018-03-28 06:23:24
2018-03-28 06:23:21
2018-03-28 06:23:20
Contact info
Owner Steve Woods, support@toolstrades.com
Contact Information: support@toolstrades.com

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