1. Trading the Full initial amount. 

The fatal trap for a trader is to invest the full initial amount on one trade,then close the eyes and hope for the best. The trading should work by a musical rule; crescendo. The musical note gets stronger and stronger with time,the same should be with the investment,the investment will gradually grow after a learning process.
   2. Mr. Know it all 

"I know everything - I know how to trade", "I don’t want to listen to anyone". Ttheir key element of success is to be as much informative as possible - daily! The most proffesional traders are keeping themselves up date on a regular basis and always keep their feet on the ground.
   3. Trading daily

In a real profitable trading world, a trader trades using fundamental analysis first incompartated with technical analysis (if you are not familiar with those 2 terms you can ask us on the signalsbinary.com chat, what fundamental and technical analysis means). Then trade only on influential events, for example:the NFP.

4. Never withdraw 

The Important 10% rule:weakly import your profitable account income, with this technique a trader takes profit in the end of each month,while continuing trading with the rest of the capital. Most of the traders forget to withdraw weekly profits.

   5. Trading using Charts and Graphs ONLY

Binary options is the most simple and fast way to make a stable income.however, traders usually basee their decision on the graphical point of an asset and forget to check what's going on in the world.
  6. Using only trading robots

Trading robots is one of the innovations in the trading world.however,no robot can predict a malaysian plain crash in Ukrainian sky and analyze the influence it makes on russian banks.
7. Fast trading

The most profitable trading outcome is trading longer trades.One of the biggest sins made by traders is trading quickly without any patience on short expiries. 
   8. Having only one broker

Trader will never succeed by having only one broker working with him daily, A trader has to split the initial investment and find the most compatible brokers for his needs.
  9. Not enjoying

If a trader is not enjoying the trading process,he will start making decisions based on dark emotions.The trader will not achieve profitable outcome.
10. Reinvest the full amount of the profit

In order for an account to grow, a trader shuold invest the profits back to his account.This will provide him the freedom to make bigger trades and make more profits.Nevertheless,the trader should reinvest up to 40% only from his profits. The other 60% belongs to the trader.So,from a $10000 profit a trader should reinvest $4000, and $6000 will stay in the trader's pocket.