These Train stations will make you want to travel more. 

There are thousands of train stations around the world, but not all of them are worth the time we need to spend on the different terminals.

From Stockholm and Madrid to Melbourne and Tianjin, these are 18 train stations that do worth the visit:



1. New York City’s Grand Central Terminal was the biggest train terminal in the world when it was first built in 1913, and is still incredible today. 



2. Central Park Station in Taiwan looks more like a green park than a railway station.



3. Gare de Lyon is Paris' most beautiful station. You can visit the station even without catching a train. On the second floor, there's Le Train Bleu, a 100-year-old restaurant and one of France's finest. 



4. 30th Street Station in Philadelphia is a grand building that feels like a civic monument.



5. Flinders Street station in Melbourne is an icon of the city that brings the entire place together. 



6. Arnhem Centraal, in the Netherlands is designed to look like a Klein Bottle, a Möbius strip-like container shape. 



7. Berlin's central station - Hauptbahnhof, is like a glass palace connecting different parts of Europe. 



8. Madrid's Atocha Station takes a break from the concrete, steel, and glass by putting a tropical garden at its center.



9. Formosa Boulevard Station in Taiwan needs to be checked out just for "The Dome of Light." Designed by Narcissus Quagliata, it's the largest glass work in the world and can be booked as a wedding venue. 



10. Tianjin West is a gorgeous station in Tianjin, China, that houses several high-speed railways.



11. Gorgeous blue-and-white paintings cover the rocky walls and ceilings of Stockholm's T-Centralen.



12. Finland's Helsinki Station isn't just the country's central transport hub. It's also a center of civic life, where the country's citizens join together for rallies.



13. Even though Japan's railway system beats out the rest of the world's, Tokyo Station doesn't look like a futuristic spaceship. It's a palatial redbrick building.



14. Komsomolskaya Station, in Moscow, has a strange history. With the chandeliers, it looks like a high-end dining hall. But the illustrations on the walls and ceilings are drawn from the historical figures in a speech Stalin gave in 1941.



15. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus dates back to India's colonial era. It serves 3 million of Mumbai's 12 million population every day.



16. Olaias station in Lisbon, Portugal, needs to be seen just for its exceptional ceiling.



17. St. Pancras is nearby. It's a quintessential work of British Victorian architecture.



18. The Toledo Station in Naples, Italy, has a crater that shimmers like the sea.