Poor-poor euro. There is so much going on around it that it is hard for us to keep track. For starters Brexit uncertainty is taking a little toll on the united European currency. Theresa May did say that she is hesitant that Brexit can happen at all and even though we understand where this hesitation is coming from it is doubtful that the EU is going to agree to take Great Britain back with no repercussions. Plus, yesterday another blow was delivered the euro when Donald Trump said that it is possible that $1 billion worth of tariffs is going to be imposed on EU by him. Of course the damage was done and right now euro is only holding up because of the weak greenback.


9.04.2019 eurusd


It is pretty hard to say what European currency is going to do next as it has been pretty jumpy for the last 24 hours. Its ups and downs are changing rapidly and there is not really much we can do to predict what EUR/USD is going to do next.


And what can help us even a little bit in the battle with EUR/USD today? That’s right! Our trading signals will know exactly what we need to do with the couple!