General relief and freedom – these are the two words that I would use today to describe how I and all of the markets are feeling. We are very relieved that the crisis that played out in the Middle East is calm for today and we are hoping that the tensions are going to naturally die out soon as Donald Trump stated yesterday – USA are not trying to go to war. Seems that they simply wanted to protect what is theirs. Surely, we probably haven’t seen and heard the last of the scandal, but in general we are hoping that the three sides of the conflict can sit down at the table and settle the problem without having to use weapons of mass destruction.


But, does that mean that the turbulence is over for USD? Well, is it ever? USD-including couple are very vulnerable today. For example, EUR/USD. The couple didn’t have a good day yesterday, even despite it peaking the day before yesterday, there is no uptrend in sight for euro. And today even though there is no news and reports for us to see, we are still not going to see strong euro. That is simply because USD is so strong and so pushy. Restored faith in USD is going to do a lot of damage for the couple as it has already done.


eurusd 9.01.2020 1


EUR/USD is the most popular couple in the markets and surely we are worried about it whenever there is a slide like we see these last couple of days. We hope that euro will have the opportunity to recover without USD having to take all the damage.


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