7 things you can do to have a better financial present

Financial situation is something that can often occupy our minds. After all we all are trying to have better lives and make better future for ourselves and our families. And for a lot of us trading became the answer for this issue.

But unfortunately trading is not always the answer as when we start bringing more money we are spending more money. And the circle repeats itself.

So, what do we need to do to improve out financial lives outside trading rooms?


1. Set a budget.

2. Educate yourself.

3. Watch out for sales.

4. Pay off your debt.

5. Earn outside the office.

6. Set financial goals.

7. Get more organized.


timing11. Set a budget.

In order to control you spendings you need to understand what you really need to buy and how much money it is going to take out of your wallet. That is why setting a monthly budget is going to help you see your spending potential clearly.




work from home2. Educate yourself.

Educate yourself on pension plans, saving methods and taxation system of your country. You need to know everything that concerns your money: where it is going, who is taking it and what bank to save it in. All of these questions are quite urgent for you to know the answers to. Read and learn every single answer.



Price Vs quality3. Watch out for sales.

Watch out for all those sales as for the most part you are not going to save money at all. You were not going to buy yourself a pair of jeans or a kitchen appliance, but you saw this sale and simply couldn’t walk by? But do you realize that you didn’t save money, you spent them. And on something that you were not even going to buy in the first place. Understand what and why you are spending your money on.




money4. Pay off your debt.

Do you own anyone money? Do you have credit card debt? Well, pay it off and never ever let yourself get stuck in debt ever again. Financially there is nothing worse than owing someone money. Especially if they keep reminding you about the debt you might have.




expect5. Earn outside the office.

And I do not mean to say – quit your job. I just want to say that in case you want to have more money or you are only starting your career path there is no shame in making some extra by taking some freelance job outside the office. Maybe you can make something with your hands, like knit or pot. Maybe you are an accountant who can do other people’s taxes... you know, those kind of things which would pay.




aim6. Set financial goals.

Make yourself a special kind of plan and calendar. Set a goal – say by the end of the year you must have a certain amount of money on your bank account. And if that means that you are going to have to cut some of your habit, like going to the restaurants every other week or buying yourself something new once every month so be it. All for the good cause, right?



multitasking7. Get more organized.

All of the above points can be easily squeezed into the final point: you need to really pull yourself together. You need to learn how to cook and how to organize your time so that you can earn on the side. You need to drop unnecessary spending and fix on saving. Isn’t that what it is all about? Just take your life and your finances into your own hands and you are going to be just fine.