The beginning of trading weel is not brining good results for the greemback and the prices for oil are slipping as well. Gold, on the other hand is doing good. 



The beginning of trading weel is not brining good results for the greemback and the prices for oil are slipping as well. Gold, on the other hand is doing good. 



Oil is not showing the same high results.

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Passed January was nearly the best month for the oil crude in almost a decade. And it is natural that everyone expected It to remain on the high points. But the recent numbers are disproving the expectations.

Oil futures are keeping the decline as the volumes for the drilling are climbing higher. Those who invest for a short time are betting for the WTI to show good results. The good year start was not only due to the oil market itself, but also due to the weak greenback’s index. But as Americans’ increase the output volumes, it is likely that the price for the black gold is going to tumble.

WTI futures for March are now traded at the point of 64.62 USD per barrel.

Nikkei suffers big slope.

Japan’s Nikkei stock is dealing with quite of a fall as the investors are selling off the small-cap shares in the fears of US inflation being able to influence the prices.

The previous one-day drop was as big as the recent one took place on November 2016. B ut back then it was the markets’ reaction to the unexpected win of Donald Trump in the Presidential elections in the US.

Today the fall was as big as 2.5 percent.

Nikkei volatility index jumped to 20.45 – the highest point in the last three months.

Firm statement from Downing Street, London.

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There is no way that the Great Britain will stay in the customs union after Brexit is a done deal. Such is a statement of Britain’s officials.

This week the new wave of negotiations has started on Brexit and it was already marked by the firm statement about further custom policy of the Kingdom. Although some extra attention was given to the fact that GB will stay as close to the EU as possible but will also try to sever as much ties as possible.

Obviously, more and more documents are to be drafted for the new relationship to be formed. They absolutely have to be as frictionless as possible, but at the same time, they have to be respectful of all the desires of both sides.

May also wants to make sure that there are no privileges for the EU citizens who will come to the Great Britain after Brexit.

Currencies, stock and crude overview.

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MSCI Asia Pacific Index fell 1.5% 

S&P 500 has fallen down by 2.12 percent with the trading point being $2.762.13.  

Nasdaq is down by 1.27% - 80.34 USD.

Yen is going higher and leaving the greenback to only hope for the growth – 109.94 yen per dollar is the price today.

Euro remains almost unchanged with the price $1.2451.

Silver is traded at the point of $26.619 and that is a 0.24 percent less than the price was on Friday by the time of closing and gold is 1.332.92 USD. Both prices are for an ounce of metal.

WTI fell down and has crossed the psychological barrier of $65 per barrel. For now, the cost if 64.99 USD per barrel.