3 things Bill Gates deems you need to be rich.


Bill Gates is the richest man on Earth. Although he is being surpassed by Amazon’s owner Jeff Bezos he is still one of the most successful self-made billionaire in the world. and it is safe to say that he knows a thing or two about finances and a possible future of the market. That is why whenever Bill says something about ways to become rich, people tend to listen.

So, without further ado, we are here today in order to look at the three things that Bill gates named the most necessary in order to get filthy rich in the future.

1. Knowledge of science.

2. Good math skills.

3. Economic view.

triple science

1. Knowledge of science.

How important science to an every-Day-Joe like all of us? We might read a research that tells that milk chocolate and red wine help boosting happiness and help losing weight every now and then, but in truth the reading is limited to reading the heading, thinking “Cool” and pouring yourself another glass of wine. Well, in the future this might not be sufficient enough.

According to Bill Gates understanding basic science is going to be one of the necessary requirements for the future job seekers and for those who just want to be successful. And that totally make sense, doesn’t it?

Here it is important to note that Mr. Gated wasn’t talking exclusively about scientists is lab coats, in sterile space talking about the stuff that we mere mortals do not understand. No. here he was talking about the basic principles of physics, chemistry, anatomy and biology. You know, stuff, we didn’t really pay attention to in high school.



2. Good math skills.

Being able to count until 100 may not cut it anymore. And yes, of course we all can do way more than that. But we are to learn even more. math skills that aloe us trading and do all of the math connected with trading is one thing. And in reality this knowledge is going to be extremely useful in future, but it is not going to hurt anyone to learn a little bit more, right?

Again, I am not talking about complex math astronomers use. No. I am talking about the level of math that is going to allow us to do semi-complex math tasks without really creating an obstacle. Easy and simple, all I am saying, and yes, those who do not love math, like me, are going to have to try to understand it after all.


economy3. Economic view.

Yes. This one. We have basically combined the first two points. Economy is a science, isn’t it? and math skills are inseparable from it. so, yes, that is just 1+2. And understanding economy and how it works is basically something that we should already know how to do. After all, working people, paying taxes should understand where their money is going and what can be done in order to improve their own economic state.

Economic understanding is one of the must-have skills and apparently that is the skill of the future for all of us. And you know, I am inclined to trust Bill Gates after al.


4. Bonus point – understanding of programmers.

Well, you might not be required to know to write code, and you might not be required to know how to fix it. But you are for sure going to be required to at least understand the principles of its work. After all – the future is in the computers for all of us, whether we like it or not.


These are the three points for Bill Gates cocktail for the future success. What do you think about them?