Ahead of the Great Britain’s employment data we are going to see uneven performance of the pound. Such was the prediction of the market experts yesterday. And this report is due in just a couple of hours as well as average earnings index, which is an index that essentially tells us how much of the production costs is passed on to the consumer to pay and how much the consumers are ready to pay for the goods and services. As a result of this readiness of the consumers we can see the future support for the currency as well as its strength.


gbpusd 16.04.2019


And when yesterday we heard about uneven performance we didn’t expect it to be this uneven. Just look at the chart. Movements of the GBP/USD couple truly is weird for the two currencies which are usually more or less stable.


Right now we can see a clear uptrend after the fall and the signal that is given out by the chart is too unstable for you to go alone! Take your trading signals with you!