Today we dig into the popular rating of Donald Trump, Trudeau's efforts to safe NAFTA and other news from all aroud the world. 


Today we dig into the popular rating of Donald Trump, Trudeau's efforts to safe NAFTA and other news from all aroud the world. 


Donald Trump’s rating is less than 50%.


Popular ratings of the American president came in in the beginning of the week and, according to the survey by various magazines and newspapers he is the least popular presidents ever to rule the US. But the president himself disagrees.

In his official Twitter account Trump claimed that his rating is over 50%, no less. Although the official numbers are saying otherwise.

Although the lowest numbers on the list are circling around 40% and this is far away from the lowest numbers that Trump has seen in the time of his presidency. At the very same day of Obama’s presidency he had an approval rating of 49 percent.

Trudeau on his way to safe NAFTA.


Tax drama from the USA was going to hit Canadian-American relationship hard. But after the American new tariffs were not a threat to Canadians anymore the talks on NAFTA emerged once more.

In an interview with Bloomberg Trudeau said that he is doing his best to safe Canada form tariffs before elections in the USA and Mexico go down. For now, Canadian business is in a tough position and Trudeau needs to do everything in his power in hold NAFTA together.

In said interview the Prime Minister stated: “The president has said as long as there’s a NAFTA there won’t be any tariffs. We have a NAFTA now, we will have a NAFTA once we improve it. That sounds to me like we’re pretty good on not getting tariffs. I’m very optimistic we’re going to be able to get to a win-win-win.”

For now the climate seems positive, but no one knows what may happen after the elections. The political climate in the region is very unstable.

May took action.

theresa may

Yesterday we told about the conflict over the alleged poisoning of an ex-spy by the Russian special services. After the incident, British officials put the blame on the Russians and demanded explanations. As everyone expected, no good enough answer was given to satisfy May’s office. Now, as was promised, Prime Minister is taking actions.

Yesterday, after the assembly of Prime Minister’s cabinet, a decision was taken to exile 23 members of Russian diplomatic order. This is the first action of Prime minister on the way to freeze the diplomatic relations between the countries.

Stocks, currencies and crude overview.

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Rapid changes in the Trump’s office are causing turbulence all around the world markets. Firing of Tillerson caused American and Asian stocks to go down and European, in the meantime are gaining more weight.

Stoxx Europe 600 went up by 0.2 percent.

FTSE from United Kingdom gained 0.1 percent.

S&P 500 Futures gained 0.2 percent.

MSCI All-Country World is also gaining – 0.1 percent.

Yen rose 0.2 percent with dollar being stable – 106.08 yen per dollar

Euro rose but not as much as would be desired. Less than 0.05 percent - $1.237.

WTI crude went up 0.2 percent to $61.11 per barrel.

Gold gained less than 0.05 percent - $1.324.90 per ounce.