The day starts off with unpleasant piece of news. Seems that the trade deal that we were all so waiting for is not going to look like we hope it would. Seems that USA are going to try and do thing their way anyway as overnight it was stated that American tariffs towards China are going to remain intact until phase 2 of the trade talk. That was not the previous agreement and it is understandable that traders and investors are trying to pull away from all the assets involved in the conflict. And USD is, unfortunately for some of us one of the sides of the conflict.


usd 15.01.2020


The greenback started slipping last night and the chart is still a little bit down. Although it is possible that the matter can be helped by careful navigation of the situation, we cannot say for sure, whether traders will be ready to trust USD once again so soon after the statement. After all, we were practically lied to right in our faces, and that is not something that we can tolerate at this time and age, we simply have too much at stake here.


There was still no official response from Chinese government, but if they answer, we are going to be prepared for that.


No matter how difficult the situation is going to get, trading signals will always be at our side.