Is There Economic Development in the Globe Even After the Last Economic Crisis?


(may 26, 2014) Some economists are wondering about the economic recovery being experienced in this global economy. Some are predicting a worse economic turmoil and some are saying that the past great economic recessions, which happened in 1997 and 2009, have not yet gone away. The reason for this believes are tied towards market reports, which report and record mixed developments in the world’s economies. No country be it the top 10 global leaders which include the United States, China,  Japan, Germany, France, Brazil, United Kingdom, Russia, Italy, India are spared

out economical developmental crises, which report both mixed economic improvement and difficulties.

What are Landmark Economic Turmoil in These Economic Superior Countries?

United States

Economic news in the United States comes in a mixture of development, stagnant and falling. In the U.S. it is common to read about reducing unemployment statuses for Americans citizens and the next day you hear about Americans companies fighting for sustainability.  Organizations sustainability means reducing expenses for businesses to remain competitive in their industries. Striving for sustainability may mean retrenching employees to cut off expenses. The American retail industry was recently reported to head towards this direction.


China is said to strive towards developments. In the last three decades, this economy has grown exceptionally more than any other economy. Although economic analysts thought this country will bypass US and become a leading economy in the world probably by 2030-2050, its one child policy is expected to change this growth expectation. The one child policy was a good idea but the Chinas population who grew in the one child policy will be retiring in the next 15 to 20 years and there is no population to replace the retiring population in the labor industry. The Chinas local and international labor force is expected to change its growing dream economy although it remains one of the fastest growing economies of this world.


Russia is the current media and news material. The financial market and the economic industry has been busy analyzing Russia’s geopolitical development in relation to its regional and global economic development. What has happened in this country since March 2014 to now and what is expected to happen is only a matter of economic turmoil than economic developments. It is through this Russia’s crisis that economic analysts wonder whether the global economic crisis is healing or stagnant.

The European Members: France, Italy and Germany

While the regional economic groups are known to steer economic development among their member states, the European Union and economic partnership is not without crisis. The European Central Bank and the need to use one currency among its members state is reported to stagnate developments in some member states while favoring others. Generally, the EU is working towards monetary control and developing a strong currency that will rival the USD at the cost of economic development of its member states.


India has had little or non-significant economic crisis. Its stability is shocking especially when it is reported to have a stable Rubia/USD relationship. No one expected such stability especially during electioneering year. This year’s elections in India have a different arrangement than other years. In the past, you would see lowering revenues during election or close to economic times. This has not happened in this country this year and the development is completely different news than what was expected. Is this Country an example of improving economy since the last global economic crisis?


Japan seems to be an exception in economic development because its economic instability events are purely a function of natural disasters than human and market forces seen in other economies. The 2011 earthquake catastrophe in Japan saw the country sink into economic shock, something it had begun to forget. All in all, the catastrophe is also part of contribution to sluggish economic growth observed in almost all countries and all economies of this world.

Economic development and maintaining achievement in these developments does not seem a simple task for any country. Countries and their economies are struggling to keep up with market forces, internal and external developments, which have effects in countries economic developments. Even the greatest and developed economies have turmoil in one way or another. Each day is an economic development or an economic turmoil and that is what the business world has to over although the hopes for reaching highest economic developments are still alive for everybody.


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