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Latest news from the markets

20.11 - A new trading week kicks off now

The Euro opens the week on a positive note, recovering from sharp losses. Global stocks are mostly lower as the bull market is showing signs of winding down. U.S. tax reform remains on the headlines as investors await new developments. Elsewhere, Bitcoin is trading steady above the $8,000 level. Here are the big things to know for today’s trading.


17.11 - Bitcoin breaks $8,000 level, USD pulls back

Markets are seeing mixed movements this Friday with commodities and stocks going mostly up while the USD is losing weight. Earlier, the world’s biggest and most popular crypto currency – Bitcoin, has broken the $8000 level for the first time ever. Elsewhere, Oil prices were set for weekly losses despite recent jump of 1% in value. Finally, Tesla just made a surprise announcement. Here are the big things to know for today.


16.11 - It's a big day for the U.S. economy

Thursday is an important day for the global economy, most of the focus will be on U.S. economic developments. U.S. Congress is set to vote on Trump’s tax reform policy later today. Meanwhile, global stocks are looking to improve their performance after recent losing sessions. In the U.K. the Bank of England will give further insights about the economy. These are the big things to know for today’s trading.


15.11 - Investors are on selling mood the Wednesday

Markets are trading mostly lower on Wednesday as stocks and USD look weaker. The Euro is gaining weight on the expense of the Dollar on concerns that trump’s tax reforms will be delayed. Oil prices are also falling at the moment amid doubts made by the International Energy Agency about the tightening of the fuel markets. Elsewhere, the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela is only getting worse. These are the big things to know for today’s trading.


13.11 - British PM in trouble, Alibaba sales skyrocket

Sentiment in global markets is somewhat negative today as investors are taking caution. In the U.K. problems are mounting for the PM Theresa May as parliament members show their lack of appreciation. Elsewhere, Bitcoin keeps showing big swing after dropping 20% on the weekend. In China, giant Alibaba just broke another record sale for one business day. Here are the big things to know for today.


10.11 - Trump continues to make headlines in Asia tour

U.S. President Trump continues his tour in Asia after visiting China yesterday saying he “don’t blame China for taking advantage of previous U.S. administrations. Meanwhile, the dollar is looking weaker today amid tax reform uncertainty as Gold prices slipped a bit after investors took profits. Elsewhere, Oil prices continue to trade at 2-year highs levels. These are the big things to know this Friday.


09.11 - All you need to know for today's trading

Markets are entering negative territory this Thursday amid uncertainty over U.S. tax reform delays and Trump’s tour in Asia. The Dollar remained under pressure which boosted demand for Gold. Elsewhere, Brexit talks continue in Brussels today between U.K. and EU leaders. Oil remains on multi-year highs as optimism about output cuts boosted prices. Here are the biggest things to know ahead of today’s trading.


08.11 - Gold prices surge, Dollar is looking softer

Global markets are calmer today after reaching record highs in recent sessions. The USD looks a bit softer after a possible delay in U.S. tax reform plans. Gold is gaining strength, benefiting from, the weaker dollar and recent comments by Trump on North Korea that re-ignite tensions between the two nations. Elsewhere, Oil prices are pulling back from recent highs on recent supply data. Here are the most important things to know for today’s trading.


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