The unlimited plan includes 6 daily signals that are being updated on an hourly basis.

Each hour, the 6 signals are getting new strike rates and directions according to the latest technical analysis made by our signals robot. Thus, members get a total of 72 daily signals which are available for them during all hours of trade.

These signals are being automatically generated and are visible at our Signals page at all-times.


Unlimited signals as seen on the Signals page: As soon as the first 6 signals will reach their one-hour expiry, the 6 signals below will automatically be given a new strike rate and direction. 

unlimited signals 


To maximize your results, it’s crucial you trade with a signal as soon as it comes out, the strike rate of our signals should be as close as possible to the trade you’re going to place.

Please note, when you follow our signals, you must check that you are looking at the latest ones available, if you’re not sure if they are indeed the newest signals, simply refresh your browser and you’ll see them.


Tools Trades Staff.





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