This offer only available for Sunday 10/01/2016

Due to many requests from our members to receive 10 signals per day to try out our signals without any risk


For our members only this 3 brokers provide 4 risk free trades – that means there is no risk involve for you to trade.

Step 1. Invest in one of these three brokers. (it must be a new broker)

They can provide limited amount due to amount of insured trade available

365 Binary Option
UK Options

Step 2. Send the confirmation to so your signals will be activated

Step 3. Ask the broker to activate the 4 insured trades because you came to them from Signals Binary

Starting from tomorrow 11/01/2016 you will start receiving 10 signals per day and you can place 4 trades, this 4 trades is insured by the brokers, if the outcome of the trade is incorrect your trade anount is safe and will not be considered as a loss.