Google.com - Google is not only a search engine, Google also contains many unique features that can be used for trading and market analysis, it is a tool that a trader should not discard.


Google News - With google news you can be updated on any asset at any time. Any crucial update may influence the asset of your choice.


Google Finance - Helps understand graphs - Technical Analysis


2. NetDania.com


One of the most popular chart systems that traders use:

Its detaches from the browser and available to use in a full seperate screen or window. (perfect for people that trade with several screens)

3. Financial announcements, you can find them inside signalsbinary com website - Under the category: ECONOMIC CALENDAR

This will assist you in understanding when to trade.


4. Each product/asset provides news and announcements that may inflict on share/asset price, lets take Apple for Example:


5. Signals: You receive trading signals from signalsbinary com