Talking about money. In some societies it is considered perfectly normal to ask a person how much they make and how much is in their bank account. But for most people talking about money is pretty much unacceptable and those asking about it are going to be views as badly brought up.

And I would argue that talking about money is never going to bring you any good.


What are you going to find out?

What do you want to find out?

What is the goal of you asking?


That’s right. This action is pretty aimless and pretty ill-mannered. One should NOT talk about money, and here is why.


1. Money is private.

2. It really gives you no useful information.

3. You are going to be viewed as ill-mannered.


1. Money is private.

You wouldn’t ask about anything else private and intimate, would you? It is considered bad taste and You do not really need this information. Think about money in the same way. You are only getting yourself in trouble and into the ‘no-invite, no-talk’ list. That is like the worst place to end up with.

Plus, you have the full right to turn someone down when they are asking you about the money. That is the definite plus of my point.


2. It really gives you no useful information.

That was always the question for me – what kind of information are you willing to get out of this question? Do you want to know how much your best friend has stashed in the bank? Do you want to know how much your boss makes? Do you want to upset yourself by asking by how much your friend’s spouse in making?

No. That is just not the kind of information that is going to be useful for you at any given time and situation in your life. Deal with it.


3. You are going to be viewed as ill-mannered.

I have already mentioned this point above, but I think it deserves another shout-out.

Those who are asking indecent questions might be shunned from the society and they are going to end up all alone with no serious topics to talk about as everyone will know – this person asks weird and out-of-place questions. It is better not to talk to them at all.

And yes. Asking about money is considered THAT serious and THAT taboo in some cultures and between some people. I would even say that it might be dangerous. Why so?

Well, over the course of human history money came to be not a social topic, that is all. It is out of place in the society and the further we go, the truer it becomes as money gets more and more power over us as a society.


So, if you do not have a habit of talking about money – good for you! Keep it up!

If you do… well, you are going to have to change your ways and better develop your communicational skills. After all, nowadays it is impossible to NOT be a part of society. And if you want to be a proud member of it, you are going to have to learn to play by its rules.