brokerBeing a professional trader. For a lot of us it is a dream as we understand that it is going to take a lot of time and effort to reach a professional level that a lot of us day dream about.

But in modern world of technology it is hard to understand whether we have already gone pro or are we just amateurs with lots and lots of trading tools? Well, there are actual ways for you to know whether you are a pro or not. And our task for today to find out the criteria that you can judge yourself according to.

First of all, you are going to have to understand and admit – what is it going to bring to you and why do you need to get to the professional level? Well. The answer is easy for a lot of us – there is simply more money in there. The more professional and serious you are about trading the more compensation you are going to get for your job. And that is just fine. Wanting to have more money is just what we are trading and learning to trade for.

What can it bring to you besides money? Understanding of the situation and a lot of knowledge which is going to be useful for you in your future life. Knowing the processes in financial market and understanding them goes a long way for your wellbeing.

So. When are we deemed professional? Well, of course it takes much more than just a few trades in a day. 5-6 trades a week is really an amateur level – somewhere to start so to speak.

Professional traders are usually distinguished by high volume of their trades. A lot of traders set their number of trades up to 1000 per year. But of gambeling vs tradingcourse this number is not limited to that and some would argue that even that is not enough. One can trade up to 10 trades per day and that would add up to about 3000 trades per year in total.

Too much would you say? Well, that what defines a professional trader – they are not afraid to go into ‘too much’ territory. On the contrary – they are WILLING to take themselves to the limit. That only makes them better and more resilient to the rapid movements of the market in the opposite-than-needed direction.


What else defines a professional trader? Well time they spend trading, of course. It is only natural that the more trades you are putting down the more time they are going to take from your daily schedule. And the more time you are going to spend on trading the more professional you are going to be.


Plus, professional traders are not afraid to spend a lot of time on learning new techniques and new information on trading. But that is too obvious to get into that – the more you learn the better it is going to be for you.


And so here are the two things that define a professional trader – the more trades and the more time you are willing to put your attention trading1into the more success you are going to have and the faster you are going to reach professional level that you so dream about.


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