Currency trading and trading as a whole is extremely popular at the moment. A lot of people are rolling into trading because it is popular and prestigious. And right now at the peak of its popularity – the peak that has been ongoing for decades – it is fitting to ask ourselves a question – is it possible that trading can just disappear one day?

Well, absolutely! It is something that inevitably happens to everything on this Earth – everything ends. And it is very doubtful that trading is going to avoid this fate.

So, here are several reasons why trading could run its course.


1. The currencies seize to exist.

2. Commodities run out.

3. Financial crisis. A big one.

4. People.


currencies1. The currencies seize to exist.

It is possible that in the nearest hundred years’ currencies are going to disappear. Well, not all of them, but a bare minimum is going to be left. Some financial experts speculate that only 7 currencies are going to be left for the whole planet to use: North American Dollar, South Central America Peso, Euro, Asian Yen that is going to be used by China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam and all other Asian countries, Middle East Riyal, African Dinar, and Australian and New Zealand dollar.

Although right now it seems like a page from a fantasy book, it is possible that sooner or later it is going to happen. Trading is not going to be needed then. Well, maybe it is going to be needed, it is just it is not going to be as exciting and popular and will eventually fade away.



commodities12. Commodities run out.

I know, I know. There are simply too many countries producing and too many commodities, including livestock, corn and wheat. Those are never going to run out. But oil, gas, gold and other commodities can simply tire out the investors with the jumping prices to the point where no one wants to take it in anymore. Plus, commodities are not unlimited. Oil, gas and silver are going to run out some time. And after that trading them will be too volatile to do it.

Plus, there is a factor of people in the market. The more traders there are, the better it is to trade. And as I already said, people can simply get tired of the price volatility.



crisis3. Financial crisis. A big one.

Remember 2008 financial crisis? It took the world by storm and destroyed a lot of lives and a lot of companies. That is exactly what we may face. A financial crisis so big and extreme that even the biggest names of the industry like Apple, Microsoft and Amazon are not going to be able to withstand the pressure and will close up.

Of course in case there is a financial crisis that big that it can take down Apple and Amazon, we are not going to care about trading anymore, don’t you think?




people4. People.

As people we are all the same – we can easily get excited and lose interest just as quickly. That is just a normal circumstance. We tend to lose interest and go from one phase to another. That is just life. No need to kill yourself over it.

Of course if enough people stop trading it is going to seize to exist or simply evolve into something else. And that is just how things go.