What to expect of 2019 - top 6 points. 

As the new year rolled in we are left wondering what to expect. Surely, we could have tried and reflected on the year gone by, but why do that when we can look into future. Well, at least try and do that at the moment.

So, want to know what to expect in 2019? Stick with us

1. Recovery.

2. Tariffs.

3. Analysis.

4. Trump.

5. Russia.

6. Will there be light


 1. Recovery.

Will there be an economic recovery in 2019? It is doubtful. 2018 was already named ‘a year on steroids’. And that is not a good sign for our economic future as it is. It is doubtful that we are going to see the recovery in 2019. Even the slightest one. After all we have already seen the signs that the bull market is wearing out and bears have already picked their noses in. Even that dip had its consequence. Imagine what can happen next?



tariffs2. Tariffs.

Yes, two of the biggest economies in the world have been engaging in the trade war over the year gone by. And we didn’t exactly like that. Well, although trade talks have been scheduled for March we are yet to see whether the plans are actually going to go through. After all, Donald Trump is still in charge of one of the halves of the treaty. And he has been proven to be of unstable moods when it comes to international relationship.

Trade tariffs have caused a lot of trouble in 2018. We all are waiting for the issue with them to be resolved.



3. Analysis.

We are going to have to look for even more economical, political and trading information. And yes, it does seem impossible, but we are going to have to try and take it all in. With bears arriving we need to take a closer look at our financial situation as well as our trading strategies. That is the ONLY way to be profitable in the markets this year. Will it be easy and simple? No. But it is worth trying.





4. Trump.

Donald Trump is going to meddle in the economic situation around the world even more in 2019. He has been spoiling the situation for everybody and has messed a lot of things up. And we have an unshakeable feeling that the situation is going to extend itself into this year as well. Lying, deceiving and pulling out of the agreements and relationship with the closest allies – all of that perfectly describes and reflects the policies of Donald Trump.

Will he be influencing the markets just as much? Maybe even more that we would care for.




5. Russia.

What will happen to Putin’s regime? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. He has been in the ‘throne’ for far too long for the Russians to throw him away. There is a full generation of Russians who do not know another government.

That is why prices for Brent oil are likely to stay on the same low level as we see them on at the moment. All because of the Russia policies. As a result, Russian national currency is going to get even weaker. Traders beware!



6. Will there be light?

We certainly hope so. But even the most experienced financial analysts are not going to try and make that prediction. We are all going to have to wait in order to see whether the economy is going to be good to us this year. But, all in our hands after all. Watch out for alerts and trading signals and everything is going to be just fine.


What changes do you expect from 2019? Be sure to write in the comments!