We all dream about the day when we can say – I have earned millions by trading. And I think that we all have equal chance of doing so in the future. But as soon as we start earning the question arises – what do I do with all the money that I earned and won over the years?

If you are still looking as to what to do with all the earnings here are some suggestions that will only help you multiply your earnings.


1. Settle your needs and the needs of your family.

2. Real estate.

3. Cars.

4. Start-ups.

5. Jewelry and precious metals.


financial stability1. Settle your needs and the needs of your family.

The first thing that you need to do is to settle your needs. If your family needs a new house, a new car and your kids are still lacking college funding, these are the payments that you need to take care of as the first steps. If you do not take care of these things they might slip away from you later as you might be too swamped with the investment possibilities.





income2. Real estate.

Investing into real estate is one of the primary way to go for the investors. And it has been forever. You can buy houses and ‘flip’ them. Flipping is a process of buying an old and bad-condition house, repairing it and then selling at a higher price.

You can also give them out to be rented. This way you already have bought your children homes that they can move into when they grow up.




pound3. Cars.

I am talking about profiting of off your investment and when I say cars I mean rare and collectors cars that you can repair and sell. You can also give them out to different museums and get profits like that. There are a lot of ways that you can get profit off a rare and old car and I can’t really enumerate all of them here and now. All I can say that sooner rather than later you will see usefulness of investment like that.





trading signals4. Start-ups.

Imagine. It is 1980s. You are approached by your pal Steve who says that you can invest in his new company – Orange, Pear… something like that. And you reject. Fast forward to a modern day and let’s see… are you very much beaten up? Well of course, as you lost the opportunity of a life time. That is why when a possibility to invest in a startup arises you should not reject it at once.

Do you have time to read business plan? Talk to the owners? Look through the percentage plans. Nowadays a lot of startups succeed. With proper funding at the very beginning it is very much possible for a small company to grow into million and even billion-dollar business.

So, if you have the possibility like that you do not have to throw it all away. At least think about it.



computer5. Jewelry and precious metals.

Aaahh. Right. Things that never go out of style and never go out of price. Gold, diamonds, platinum and so on. Even though the price for ounces of gold and precious metals can vary from day to day it doesn’t mean that gold is a bad investment. Why do you think whole countries put their money into the gold reserve? Because it is pretty stable and pretty easy to do this.

Investing into gold and diamonds might not bring you a lot of money, but in the end you are always going to know where your money is at.