Aaah, the weekend. Magical time that we are waiting for every week. The two days where we have the possibility to go out, sleep in and relax with our families and friends over the glass of wine. But for most of us the weekend is usually connected with spending a lot of money. After all, there is nothing free in our lives and even some parks require fee to get in. So, in our quest to save money it is important to know how not to spend a lot during the weekend.


1. Do not use your taxi app all the time.

2. Have people over.

3. Make coffee at home.

4. Find an easy cocktail that you can make at home.

5. Go out to the place that has all options.

6. Make plans ahead.

7. Do not try to purposely limit yourself.


uber1. Do not use your taxi app all the time.

A lot of us prefer to move with comfort. And usually comfort doesn’t really include public transportation like buses or subways. But what are you going to do? Not all of us are the proud owners of cars and we all want to move with comfort. And here is where Uber comes in handy. But this popular taxi service is quite pricy when you ride it several times a day. If you have a short trip you are better off walking. You’ll be much healthier and it is going to be free!



people2. Have people over.

Of course you are going to have to buy food and drinks for your guests, but in the end hosting a lovely dinner or lively brunch at your place is going to be much more comfortable for you and much cheaper for everyone. Especially if you have people bring over their favorite homemade dishes like lemonade or a cake.





coffee3. Make coffee at home.

Having a cup of coffee or hot chocolate on the go is a habit for a lot of us at this point. But unfortunately having a cup at least three times a week adds up to a pretty sum. And why spend that outside of your house when you can make coffee at home? Cold brews are poplar and get you the same amount of caffeine buzz as the shop-made cuppa. Of course having a cappuccino with a slice of pie outside is great, but make it more of a treat.





drink4. Find an easy cocktail that you can make at home.

We all have go-to drink that we can use on Friday evening. And I have to say it is so better to know that you have a whole bottle of booze that you can use to make several cocktail that to pay the same amount of money for one cocktail outside. Plus, you get to enjoy it while watching your favorite soap opera. Isn’t that great?





cafe5. Go out to the place that has all options.

Of course there is no such thing as theater-bar where you can enjoy the play and some fries, but you can choose a place that has great cuisine, perfect bar, karaoke machine and a dance floor. Why go to several different places if you can find all you need in just the one?




plans6. Make plans ahead.

What makes us spend too much too fast? Unplanned stuff. You are getting hungry in your way home and you have nothing to do? While it sounds great you are more than likely to turn to the first restaurant you see. And that turns into an unnecessary splurge. Don’t you just hate the feeling of eating out when you have a perfectly balanced meal in? All of that would be avoided if you had plans for the day. Meet your friends, go for a run and simply relax at home.



limit7. Do not try to purposely limit yourself.

Oh, yeah. No one cancelled the forbidden fruit. What are you going to do if you are forbidden to spend money? Your urge to spend it only going to become bigger and stronger. Make efforts to save up a conscience choice. A choice that is going to bring you a lot of good in the future.