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Just over a week ago Theresa May resigned from her position of British Prime Minister.

What will we remember her by? Failed Brexit negotiation, jumping pound, the time when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married. Ok, the last one was not her fault at all but it still happened while she was in the seat. But I had to choose it would probably be… the Brexit thing.

Yes. Theresa May failed to negotiate successful way-out for the Great Britain. Even worse – she managed to send the country into a political crisis and the country is now divided in two – those who are still thinking that Brexit is the way to go and those who since referendum have changed their minds and would now vote very differently.

This is the legacy that May has left behind. And even though she still has a few days in the office it will not change anything at all. We are still going to always remember her as the one who brought her country to a critical condition and then left in tears.

Although it is hard to say that the current situation is entirely her fault – after all her Brexit plan was all ready for adoption; it is the MPs who rejected all the proposals, but still. We can’t argue that there has been her fault as well. She should have just held another referendum and get on with life in UK as part of the European Union.

But it is not the past that we should dwell on. It is the future that we are to focus on.


What is going to be left after May?

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Well. Heads of European countries have already started pushing for a swift Brexit deal. French president Emmanuel Macron has requested it. And it seems that he will be backed up by most of European heads, no doubt about it.


May is leaving with European Union seemingly plunging into crisis. May is leaving European union in times where dollar decides more that euro itself. May is leaving with no border negotiated between Ireland and Northern Ireland. May is leaving with no certain future for pound.


Do you see where this can lead us?

If no, I am going to explain – euro and pound only seem weak but we can see that they grow only when dollar is falling. They grow when they have the possibility to do so and not when traders receive good news about them. They only gain trust when dollar loses and only for that period of time. Not the best tendency.

Put that together with the overall financial situation in the world and there you have it – more political, financial and trading uncertainty than we would care for.

May is leaving behind proverbial ruin which wasn’t necessary her fault, no. But she was a part of it.


Who is going to come in her stead?

It seems that the main candidate for her job is none other than Boris Johnson - avid supporter of Brexit. So it is very doubtful that we are going to see Europe united with UK ever again.


If only she nailed down the second referendum. None of that would be an issue for discussion right now.

So. UK after May? What will it be like? It seems that there is only one word to describe it with – chaos. And we didn’t really sign up for that! What will happen to pound only remains to be seen but we could venture a guess.