dollar1To every action there should be a cause. No matter what you tend to think and tell yourself, there is a reason behind everything and what you think and take for motivation matters. This surely is true for trading as well. You have to have amotivation.


Why, will you ask? You have been trading solely because of pure interest and you turn out just fine. Laying no motivation and reasons on top of your trading only made things better as you have no pressure and you are free to do whatever you like. But, have you ever though that you are not going to go far on a pure interest? You simply cannot reach extreme heights with no reasoning lying in front of you.


Remember your childhood. Did you want to be an ice skater? Were you interested in space and dinosaurs? Did you want to dedicate your life to being a doctor? How much of these things actually came to life? I presume, that not a lot of people grow up to maintain the same interest as they had when they were just kids. And surely, that is because trading signalsinterests are fleeting.


Interests provide us with a fun and sometimes educational way to spend our free time and not with something constant. Of course, there are hobbies, but trading is not really going to work as a hobby – it simply demands too much time and knowledge.


What are the key reasons to trade? Well:


1. Money.

2. Education.

3. New knowledge and new information.

4. It gives you the possibility to be your own boss.

5. You understand more about the modern world.


There you go! Several reasons which you can use in order to stay in trading for a long time to come. If you consider trading to be just a hobby, you are probably going to start noticing yourself burning out soon enough. But if you make your interest into a motivation, trading is going to be a constant in your life. With the right motivation and correct reasoning, you can make sure that you are not going to run after the first unsuccessful trade.


thumbs b c d2976fd4a37740563457ea56648d63adSurely, having another source of income and being able to make what you make in a month in your day job in just several trades is very tempting, but there is also the question of keeping yourself down to the ground – do not be self-assured. Find modesty in risks that trading is posing.


So, have you found your motivation for trading? Remember, it is the only thing that is going to keep you afloat and that is going to give you energy to keep on going no matter the difficulties that you are going to encounter.