We are talking an awful lot about trading. and it is my deep belief that whatever gets that much of our attention and time needs to be understood correctly. We need to know what it is that devours so much of our attention span and so much of our time.

We need to know whether we are paying all of that attention to a friends of not.

Trading – friend or foe?


1. Friend – helps us make money.

2. Foe – it is risky.

3. Friend – it exposes us to something new.

4. Foe – it can cost us.

5. Friend – it is exciting.

6. Foe – it takes a toll on our nervous system.

7. Friend – there is nothing quite like it.


make money1. Friend – helps us make money.

Trading is a sure way to make money outside of office. It is perfect for those who are willing to work hard and shape their own life according to their own rules. In case you are looking for something interesting, challenging and new trading is just the choice.




risky2. Foe – it is risky.

That being said, trading contains a lot of risks. That is no secret and we can openly talk about it. Those who have only started trading are probably still feeling that tremble every time you are entering your trading account. Of course, it is going to pass soon enough, but that is the clear answer – trading can sometimes call for fear in us. All due to the risks it is harboring.




new3. Friend – it exposes us to something new.

Something new is always good. New things, new people, new adventures. And trading can easily expose you to all of those things. You can meet fellow traders in the forums, you can learn new things about the economy and the markets and you can see new adventurous ways to make more money. Isn’t that exciting?





costs4. Foe – it can cost us.

Wrong trading strategy and wrong brokers can expose us to unwanted expenses and loss of all of the assets that we set aside for trading. Of course in this case the responsibility is fully on us, but it doesn’t take away the fact that we are the ones who can fall victim to it in the end.




5. Friend – it is exciting.

Trading has always been exciting. Have you ever seen the rush of the broker who saw a good investment opportunity? At least in the movies? Well, it is all true. It is that kind of rush – a good trade and especially a win. It is THAT good.





nervous6. Foe – it takes a toll on our nervous system.

Why do you think brokers retire around 40? Because they can’t take it anymore. They need a break from all of the nervous work they are doing. They need to go on to doing something relaxing and not quite so demanding. It is the same with traders, although along the way those who are the most successful tend to find themselves a lot of help, so that they themselves can go on enjoying their success.



nothing7. Friend – there is nothing quite like it.

Trading is very unique. And it is very different from the things that we usually do for work. It is respectable. And the biggest plus is that it is fully customizable for every trader, be it the trades that they can put down or even the small details of trading platform setting. You do everything for yourself only.


So, as you can see, trading is more your friend than your foe. Enjoy and be successful without any doubts.