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As we have said multiple times last week, USA traders were on holiday. They had a little break from trading and from the markets altogether. And so did we. After all, the fact that their activity was lacking from the markets was really felt and it was quite hard to go through the day without them.


Yes, all the major stocks were still and USD was barely moving, all because the most active USD trading country was closed for business. But, maybe that was just what we needed. After all, trading can be pretty stressful and we needed to take a little break before starting up again. Of course, US break has an influence on all of us, but right now it is time to go back into the saddle again, filled with newly-found energy and power.


But, trading after even a little break can be a little bit tough on us.


After all, over the last couple of days we got a little bit used to the lower activity of our favorite assets and currency couples. And, as you know, we can get used to good thing pretty easy. This means that the small break that we got to have might become a reason for our troubles over the next couple of days.


When coming back to trading after even the smallest break, it is important to remember several things:

1. Other people went on with their trading. Markets HAVE changed no matter what.

2. Market can be very unpredictable. Watch out for rapid changes due to all of the newly-arrived traders.

3. It is important to catch up on all of the news that you might have missed.

4. Do not forget to use your trading signals.

5. Start off slowly with an asset that you know for sure.


These easy rules are going to help you get past a few days right after a break. Of course, if you are feeling up to the task and want to get right in the game, you are free to do so, just remember that it can really result in losses. Be on the lookout and use your trading signals.


And no matter what, we are always going to be glad to help you with your trading and with your signals!