Top 3 most popluar currency couples in 2019

Trading currencies is the most popular ways to be in the market. Traders prefer to stick to this type of trading just because this segment of the market is never closed and there are always option you can choose out from.

And it is pretty good to have something like that as a way to earn some extra money. Some people even manage to make a living off of it. And those, who have been trading currency couple for some time now probably already know. There are several major currencies that you must have tried trading at least once before settling on your favorite one.


They are obvious:

  • EUR/USD (Euro –Dollar)

  • GBP/USD (British Pound – Dollar)

  • USD/JPY (Dollar – Japanese Yen)

  • USD/CAD (Dollar – Canadian Dollar)

  • USD/CHF (Dollar – Swiss Franc)

  • AUD/USD (Australian Dollar – Dollar)


These are the currencies which are usually associated with economic strength and liquidity if we are talking about their performance in the markets as assets. Generally speaking, these currencies are the most volatile ones.

Can these currencies be named the best for trading? Well, they are the most popular for a reason, right? Although the fact that they are the most popular does not guarantee that with then you are going to experience no losses. Even the most experienced traders paired with the most popular currency couples can be losers.

Which pairs ARE the best out of these?


The most obvious and the most widely-spread choice for traders all over the world. The couple has the lowest spread and is usually associated with the basics of trading. the couple is not extremely volatile and generally one can find a lot of information about it, which makes trading very easy for us. Of course, you can’t go wrong by choosing this couple.



So far in 2019 we haven’t exactly seen a weak pound, as was previously expected by everyone. Generally speaking, the popularity of this couple can be attributed to profitable pips and large surges that we see from time to time. Just like with euro the relations of dollar with this pound is a long one, which means that a lot of people have done all of the possible technical analysis that we are going to need across our trading preset.



In the time of need and in the time of bears you can always count on yen to grow. It is a safe haven for traders after all. that is why this currency couple is always going to go strong. That and the fact that Japanese economy is one of the strongest in the world. seems that nothing can shake it off – no earthquake, no tsunami, nothing. That is why in 2019 this currency is going to keep on standing strong no matter what.

I could go on and on as the list of the most interesting couples can be extended to tens of positions, but in the end these three are everything that counts. Remember that and enjoy trading.


What couple are you going to pay attention to this year?