Growing up, I am pretty sure all of us were told to read a lot of books. And we hoped that we are going to grow up and will never have to read a book ever again. But the thing with books is that the older you get, the more likely you are to like the process of reading. Especially when these books can bring you to a better, richer level of life.

And so, we are here today in order to look through the best books that can teach us money management – second part of the research:


1. Cooking on a Bootstrap

2. Young and Mighty

3. Spare Change

4. Mrs Moneypenny’s Financial Advice for Independent Women


1. Cooking on a Bootstrap


Author: Jack Monroe

Cooking – not the first thing that comes to our mind when we are thinking about money management. But food is the thing that we tend to spend the most on. And cooking on a budget can be very boring and very repetitive. Buying expensive groceries and eating exquisite meals every day is not really an option for a lot of people. And in case that strikes cords with you personally – this book is for you.

Cheap groceries, money management and not spending too much on secondary things – that is what the former single mother writes about – something that we can all relate to.

Chatty and humorous – that is the way to look at cooking and saving money nowadays.


2. Young and Mighty

young and

Author: Henry Patterson

Would you take money advice from a teenager? I think that most of us would say – no. Why should we? They know nothing about money. But some of them are already more successful in their 13 than we are in our age.

For example, author of Young and Might in his 13 has already met a lot of mighty people such as Richard Branson and has got several pieces of advice from those who definitely know everything about money.

Young mind and possible naiveté – that is what really sells this books. We can clearly see a boy determined to be rich and successful when he grows up – and who didn’t dream about that as a child? Of course one can say that it is a book by a teenager for teenagers, but in the end it wouldn’t hurt you to get another outlook at the world of finance.


3. Spare Change

spare change

Author: Iona Bain

Those who do not want to spend a lot of money reading, but who still want to learn a lot about money and their relationship with money as well as see a perfect investment opportunity that can be right in front of them – those are the perfect readers for Bain’s books.

Being an internet blogger Bain knows how to deliver her thought to the point but in a very short and understandable manner.

Despite its very small bite-size there should be no doubt – this book is filled with useful tips and interesting quizzes which in the end are going to bring its users a lot of useful information and even help profit in the end.


4. Mrs Moneypenny’s Financial Advice for Independent Women


Author: Mrs Moneypenny and Heather McGregor

Although most of finance world is ruled by men it doesn’t mean that there aren’t women who prefer to manage their finances themselves, and the longer we live, the more such women appear on radar. Which is a very cool and progressive thing. And we as successful women need to know what to do with our money so that we can profit off of them as well.

Mrs. Moneypenny gives us all useful advice – easy-going and very light style of the book makes learning about managing and investing interesting and engaging. The book gives us the understanding – money and money management is for everyone. And the further we go the more important these topics become.

Both men and women are welcome to read and implement the knowledge represented in this book.