When we were little and in school, our parents used to scold us – you have to learn everything that the school teaches you. It is important that you know all this stuff. But what did it turn out to be? Not so important after all. It turned out, that all of the knowledge that we get AFTER we graduate school is far more important to our future and our success than anything that we were told in school.

Plus, it turned out that not everything important was told to us in school. How many people are saying – I wish I was told this in school rather than trigonometry and history of Prussia. Surely, it Is true. Not all the information given to us at a such an early age is going to be used whereas there is a lot of stuff that could really help us out, had we known it earlier.

So, what is this info? What do we wish we were told in school?


1. Money management.

2. Taxes.

3. Emotional stress.

4. Alternative ways of earning.


management1. Money management.

This one hurts the most. Money is the most important thing in our lives. And we are never told anything about it at school. I mean, surely there are economics classes, but it taught us nothing about how to save and preserve money. How to earn and how much to invest. How do you save to be a house owner until 30? How to manage you own funds?

When have you learned all of this? When you were all grown up. As if you didn’t need to know this when you were 18. This is the fundamental piece of knowledge that everyone needs to be taught as early as possible.




tax2. Taxes.

We probably knew about the concept pf taxes. We knew that it was a portion of your money that the government was taking away from us. But, the thing here is that in some countries, primarily in the USA, you have to do your own taxes. You have to count for returns and file all the information yourself. In some countries businessmen have to count their taxes and pay them through the banks.

And quite often we have to hire professional accountants who will help us with the count. Surely, it is less than optimal. Everyone should know everything there is to know about taxation process. After all, it is your hard-earned money that the government is taking away to maintain itself. You have to understand and know how much is going to which place.

Schools are to be teaching that.




stress3. Emotional stress.

We live in a very strained world. We get stressed because of money and our jobs. Often we do not understand what to do and how to process all the information. We are under a lot of stress. And we need help. A lot of help. As much as we can get, in fact. But, quite often we have to deal with our burdens ourselves. And that is not an easy task, especially when you do not know what to do and how to approach your troubles.

Dealing with emotional stress is one of the key things in the way to good and healthy life. And we are at a loss for a solution to our troubles, that means that we are in a lot of trouble. If only there was a place where they could teach us to deal with our emotional stress since we were kids…




make moeny4. Alternative ways of earning.

We are told that we are going to learn things and then we will be able to find a day job and earn. But the world is spinning and developing pretty fast. This means that day jobs are no longer the only option for earning. There are a lot of other ways that one can make a living and it is not necessarily a conventional one. More often it is going to raise a few eyebrows, whether you are a freelancer from home or you are a trader. No matter what – people are going to judge simply because we were never told that alternative methods to earn is pretty much a norm in our world.

School is supposed to broaden our horizons and it is high time for this institution to start doing so.